Using an ovulation predictor kit


Since an egg survives no longer than 24 hours in a woman’s body, it is clear that the chances of conceiving are much higher when the woman knows she is ovulating. Using the ovulation predictor kit can significantly improve the chances of a couple trying to conceive to also have success. Such kits can be bought from a grocery store, they can be ordered online or bought from a pharmacy.

They all contain a thermometer which is extremely important, as the woman’s temperature body rises when she is ovulating. They also contain a test which indicates the presence of the luteinizing hormone in the woman’s urine (the levels of this hormone in the woman’s urine are much increased with 24 to 36 hours before the ovulation).

If you don’t know when to start testing for the presence of the luteinizing hormone, then you should know that the menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days and the ovulation appears anywhere between day number 12 of the menstrual cycle and day number 16. This means that you should start testing in the 11th day of the cycle. It is not difficult at all, so don’t worry about the test. It is as simple as a pregnancy test!