Understand the Job Responsibilities of Civil Engineer


Civil engineering is just a professional engineering process that is related with the building, design and maintenance of the constructed environment, including establishments such as roads, canals, bridges, dams and buildings. It is the one of the oldest type of disciplines of engineering and is fundamentally divided into a number of areas, such as environmental engineering, municipal engineering, materials engineering, water resources engineering, surveying, coastal engineering, construction engineering, transportation engineering, and structural engineering.

Reddy Kancharla has more than twenty five years of experience in civil construction and has worked on various structures in New York City including Goldman Sachs and 7 World Trade Center. He has completed a master’s degree in civil engineering and can handle any types of complexities that are associated with civil engineering.

Mentioned below are some of the job responsibilities of Civil Engineer:

  • Responsible to designs structures that are safe and meet standard codes in the areas they are being built in.
  • Ensures that the structures are designed with efficacy, upkeep and other financial concerns to withstand through years of use.
  • In regards to transportation, a civil engineer is responsible to builds structures to ease the smooth flow of traffic and to permit expansion and greater user rates.
  • Plans the construction project that will be taking place in conjunction with the results. Throughout the procedure and after the completion of the project, the civil engineer needs to examine the product to make certain that all regulations and rules have been followed clearly.
  • Responsible to follow the project from beginning to end and make any required changes along the way. In addition, a civil engineer ensures that procedure is being followed and the safety features of the project are checked.

Thus, it can be said that the works of a civil engineer play a very significant role as it associates for the general safety of people in many facets. This kind of profession requires strong dedication so that he or she does not make mistakes in any specific fields. A civil engineer should know how to apply engineering principles to make sure that the constructions are built in the sturdiest and safest manner. The responsibility of civil engineering individuals is usually focused on construction jobs.

A civil engineering career can prove to be both exciting and very rewarding. Specifically, when people think of just some of the modern masterworks created in the engineering fields of today. Even for those who will never choose for a career in engineering, just the knowledge and understanding of the field can be very satisfying for anyone who is distantly interested in the topic.

Reddy Kancharla has worked on ventures that endorse the use of green energy for example the Yankee Stadium, USTA National Tennis Center, Terminals 1, 4, 5 and 7 of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport and the Giants/Jets Stadium. In his many years of service, he has gained wide-ranging knowledge of engineering principles, theories, and practical resolutions to engineering complications linking to civil engineering and the construction industry.