How Jim Cordova Build His Body?


These days, many bodybuilders are claiming that they are natural and one of them is Jim Cordova bodybuilder. Some people believe that Jim Cordova is a natural bodybuilder while others think that he is fake. This article will investigate more of his claims and find out the truth about the Jim Cordova diet.

Who is Jim Cordova?
He is presently one of the best fitness models in the country aside from being a world-ranked natural bodybuilder. He won the titles of WNBF Pro Mr. Universe and Pro Mr. America twice in 2009. As a consequence of his achievement, you can see his photos in popular fitness magazines around the United States of America. He has become an authority figure in fitness and sports nutrition. Moreover, he imparts his experience through various speaking engagements, coaches at fitness camps around the country and contributes articles in different fitness magazines. He has more than a decade of training experience aside from helping out fitness competitors, models and other natural bodybuilders.

Apart from his success in fitness, he is also a successful fitness marketing consultant, building different health facilities around the US. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in marketing/management in 2001. He also became a certified personal trainer through The International Sports and Sciences Association (ISSA). He has worked together with successful business owners of franchise and health clubs. He has achieved a lot in terms of developing sales and management systems of small health centers. Currently he is a trainer of the best bodybuilding competitors in Manhattan and Long Island, New York.

What is Jim Cordova’s secret to his powerful body?
First, he is very disciplined in his routine. He sticks to the basics like training his shoulders and combining it with different factors such as the volume order, frequency, rep range and exercise order.

He begins his shoulder workouts with presses but sometimes he begins with the side delts. He focuses on the regular side angle. According to Jim Cordova, working the rotator cuffs has definitely improved his shoulder training as well as his upper body. Using a lot of force in the major shoulder exercises causes the major muscles to help in the rotator cuff’s functions. This would result to weakening of the rotator cuffs. You will the run the risk of damaging your rotator cuff muscle even while doing the most ordinary tasks. To avoid this, Jim does four to five exercises for the rotator cuff muscles. For him, this has been very effective in strengthening the shoulders compared before doing the rotator cuff exercise.

After knowing more of Jim Cordova, do you still think of him as a fraud? Well, for me he is authentic. There is not much evidence on him that he is into drugs.