Gains After A Steroid Cycle, Steroids Before And After Results


Bodybuilders are often asking the question if they can keep their gains after a steroid cycle or not? It has been seen that the bodybuilders, especially IFBB professional bodybuilders are using steroids to get a huge size and muscles. There are many factors that are affecting your gains before and after steroids. Once bodybuilders get their dream size with the help of one cycle of steroids they start thinking if they can keep their gains after a steroid cycle or not? Here, we are giving a detailed answer of steroid before and after affects.

Many bodybuilders are using anabolic steroids in order to get giant muscles and size. Anabolic steroids also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are drugs with similar effects to testosterone in the body. It is related to the cyclic steroid ring system and increases protein with in cells. Anabolic steroids increase proteins in skeletal muscles, which ultimately provide a sound basis for huge muscles. There are many bodybuilders that get abnormally big. Steroid cycle results can be seen through anabolic steroids before and after affects. Even one cycle of steroids increases testosterone levels in the body and hence your body gets able to built massive muscles. Difference can be clearly seen between bodybuilders before and after steroids.

One thing must be kept in mind that everything has its limits and dead ends. If you are a natural bodybuilder, then there is a point, after which you cannot increase your muscle levels, same is as for the bodybuilders with steroid cycle results. They also have a limit and they cannot exceed from their limit. That’s the nature and everyone should accept it.

In bodybuilding many people say that one must reach natural genetic potential before taking first steroid cycle however some say that first steroid cycle can also be started before reaching natural genetic potentials. Reason provided for first statement is that if you get to your natural potential before first steroid cycle then it will help you learn about your body and let you to know that how to train your body for best results. However according to the second statement you can also get better results even with little training and poor eating.

If you start your first steroid cycle after reaching natural genetic potential and after having multiple cycles, you can see results of testosterone cycle before and after results clearly. Once you quit steroid cycles, you will be returned to your natural genetic potential. The reason for this is that without steroids your body will start recovering and will get back to the natural levels. However the time period of recovery can also be painful.

If you start your first steroid cycle before reaching genetic potential then after quitting steroids the person will be returned to the point where he started taking steroids. In both these cases results can be seen easily before and after steroids.

So the answer of your question is that it is not possible to keep your gains after a steroid cycle. Once you quit steroids cycle then you will get back to you natural size. Results of drugs are never permanent. You can get the benefits only till you are taking drugs.



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