Famous Bodybuilder Alberto Nunez: How Does He Maintain His Physique?


Alberto Nunez is a 30 years old, 5’9”, 72 kg bodybuilding coach who was born and raised in California. He started lifting weights fourteen years ago, and this was inspired by the fact that his family was poor. During his different interviews, he clearly stated that if he could not be able to afford the things that his peers had, he would, for this reason, strive to look better than them. Unbeknownst to him, bodybuilding became his passion and even many years later, and he is still involved in bodybuilding.

Over the years, Alberto Nunez has accomplished and received many awards due to his passion. He did quite well in a show that he had always been yearning to participate in, and this has had a significant impact on him and his career. He follows a particular dietary and training routine for him to be able to maintain his body.

What is his routine?
When he is on a diet, Alberto Nunez takes in about 300-400 grams of carbohydrates and about 500-600 grams when he is not dieting. Research shows that adopting a few carbohydrates functions in reducing the amount of fat. The process is quite fast hence bodybuilders prefer it. As for his training routine, it is divided into days. He does not train all days but the days that he does, cater for the day(s) that he did not. It is important to note that you can’t continue to lift the same weights all the time. His routine makes it possible for him not to train on the same thing every time. On Mondays, he may decide to do squats, bench presses and back extensions. On Thursdays, he will lift weights; do press ups and maybe floor presses. Those interested in bodybuilding should look into this very carefully.

Is it really naturally possible to look like Alberto Nunez?
The answer is yes and no. The former lies in the fact that there are many people who are of his height and weight. The latter comes in when looking at his body structure.

Alberto Nunez’s body looks extremely dehydrated, and it is quite impossible for the body to allow that unless there are foreign substances such as diuretics altering the mechanism in which the human body is supposed to function. Diuretics are quite fatal and, as a result, all those who want to venture into bodybuilding be very careful. In the past, there are many bodybuilders who have lost their lives due to an overdose of these diuretics. But, any individual should ingest them at their peril because whether taken in the correct dosage or not, diuretics are still very hazardous.

You do not have to employ each and every tactic of Alberto Nunez or that of any other successful bodybuilder because it may end up not working on your body. Everyone’s body is different and what may work on another person’s may not necessarily be useful on yours. The bottom line is that is possible to be the size of Alberto Nunez naturally, but his body structure brings about a lot of questions.