Dorian Yates, The Ultimate Muscle Man You Don’t Want To Mess With


Dorian Yates has managed to perfect his own workout strategy, “Dorian Yates Blood and Guts”, and the following can be taken from it:

If you want to train like Dorian Yates, you have to come to terms that losers make excuses, and winners make commitments. He has devised a six-week high-intensity training program that is set to pump you up. However, it’s not going to be easy. Dorian is a perfectionist, and you will do the sets over and over until you get it right. Your ultimate fitness goals and his reputation are on the line, after all.

Dorian recommends not switching out cardio completely, as it is a way for the muscles to repair during sets. This is contrary to what some in the fitness community, as most of them see it as a way for you to lose muscle mass. However, Dorian Yates stresses that it is important to do these separately from the weight training. Perhaps, at a different time slot in the day so it doesn’t interfere with the muscle gain. Cardio can also be done on off days, which means no interference with gains.

Dorian Yates workout routine incorporates a six-week high-intensity program, followed by two to three weeks of low-intensity training, and then a week of no training at all, to ensure that the muscles have a chance to recover. This is very important, as the muscles are trained to expect downtime as well. It means that you should be in the position, in which you’re ready to suffer an injury or take involuntary downtime from your gym program. It won’t affect your muscles as intensely as on programs where there is no rest in between.

You should notice an important fact in Dorian Yates training. Dorian Yates stresses that many people are not aware of the damage that is done on the way down, after you’ve done a lift. Instead of just dropping the weight, ensure that you take care to use that negative as the other half of the rep. If you don’t emphasise this, you will not experience proper muscle growth.

Dorian Yates is said to have the best back and calves in the business. The most difficult part to train, lats, is done very effectively by ensuring that the focus is not on the biceps. By keeping your arms straight, when you’re doing an overhead lat pullover, you should focus more on the lat than the bicep. As for those chiselled calves, never missing a leg day is the key to the game here and don’t neglect those squats. Before you know it you’ll be on your way to having a Dorian Yates back and calves.