Don’t Let The Name To Put You Off As Doggcrapp Might Be Just The Next Best Thing


If you’ve never heard of Doggcrapp, and you’re looking to build muscle, reading up on this will definitely change your mind. Dante Trudel, the guy behind Doggcrapp, writes that carb loading in the evenings is not a good idea. This is great for weight loss, but apparently it’s also important for building muscle mass. Starting off your metabolism in the morning is also good, and he recommends it while you’re doing cardio exercises. He also advocates heavy progressive weights, meaning that your weights have to increase when you go to gym. Without your weights increasing and keeping a proper journal, there is no way for you to tell whether you are consistently progressing. Also, bearing mind that these are slow repetitions, with the Doggcrap workout volume being lower, but with increased frequency.

Like the famous wrestler Goldberg, Dante is fanatic about stretching. He also recommends adding a lot of protein to your diet in order to fuel your body. He emphasises that high volumes workouts are not necessary, and that when you are obsessing over it, you’re just wasting your time. This is the ultimate program to follow, if you want to build lean muscle mass. What is an important principle in this dc training, is that the muscles actually need to be trained to be stronger, not just repetitively exercised with the same weight, and the repetitions increased. It, according to him, is not a fire way to build strength or lean muscle mass. It may also end up being ineffective in not only this method.

The sessions are split into three groups, where each muscle group will be exercised once a week, and one exercise per group will be exercised to fatigue. What is important to bear in mind whilst performing this dc training routine, is that it should be the toughest set you have ever performed. It should receive all you blood, sweat and tears, in order to work for you. It is imperative that you take a rest between sets, for about a minute, and then continue. It doesn’t apply to all the exercises though, and it’s important to follow a proper dc training program to ensure that you get the best results.

It’s also important to bear in mind that you would need to have blasting and cruising phases, to ensure that the body is conditioned. During the blasting phase, it is imperative that you align meals as well to ensure that your body is fuelled, as it’s the period that you are taking the most out of it. This period lasts for about 12 weeks, and is followed by a two week cruise period, where you don’t exercise until failure, and could also do with eating less. This is to ensure that your body and central nervous system can recover.