Do You Have The Correct Body Fat Levels?


It is common to see models with ripped muscles all over the internet who claim to have the perfect bodies. It is not always as easy as the models make it look. There is a lot of work and dedication that goes into achieving the best body that you want. Learning from the interviews by the famous body builders, the on season time is when they work the hardest. You will be surprised by how much weight they have to lose in order to get the right balance of body fat and muscles.

Below are the different percentages of body fat and their characteristics.

17%+ body fat
This is not the type of body fat that anyone would want as it makes you look fat. Any bodybuilder body fat can never go above this percentage. We have some people who are looking to bulk are likely to go above such body fat indexes. Once you get to such a figure, there is the need to work harder to remove the extra fat or else it will affect the presentation of the muscles at the contest.

15% to 17% body fat
This is where you are learning about getting the best-ripped muscles that people would love. This is for that regular guy who visits the gym to work out every day and stay fit. Some of these people might not consider so much about their body fat rather building muscles. Strong-arm muscles will characterize such people, but there will be layers of fat around the stomach area. In order for such a person to make the abs come out well, he or she has to take the body fat to about 12%. It will not be easy but with proper motivation, it is something that can be done.

11% to 13% body fat
Bodybuilder body fat at this moment is likely to show most of his muscles, but still there is something more that has to be done. Most people will be contented when they reach such a stage. It is not easy to cut down on your body fat until you become 11%. The hardest part is when you were about 25% body fat and you have to get ready for the contest. This will mean more workouts and being hard to the body until you achieve the required body fat. Unless you are determined, most people end up not achieving such figures in their careers.

9% to 10%
Everybody builder dream is to have such an amazing body with 9 to 10% body fat. This will help to make a clean six-pack, which is visible without the body builder struggling to bring them out. The same goes for the arms and shoulders will be well built without any fat distortions. Most bodybuilders are advised not to go below 10% as it will make them look depleted at all times. That is not good for any content that you will be attending. It is still hard to maintain a perfect 10% body fat. A lot of work has to be done to maintain the body to this body fat.



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