Bench Press Alternatives That will Leave you Feeling Ripped


Here are 5 bench press alternatives that should keep you in good shape:

The dumbbell squeeze
This bench press substitute’s exercise may sound easy enough, but when you get to that second squeeze, you’re going to start missing the bar. The burn can be felt all the way through. However, your chest will become very impressive. This exercise is fairly simple. The dumbbells are facing in, which would mean you’re holding them in a neutral grip. Then, you then push them out, hold, and this is where the burn comes. You should squeeze these two together. Remember to work the muscles on the way out and down again, as you need to feel that burn on both sides of the set.

Chest dips
Once again, one of those decline bench press alternatives, where you will feel the burn for probably days to come, but a couple of weeks pushing this out, and you will see the changes in your physique. The chest dip is done on the chest dip apparatus, which is more correctly called the parallel bars. You will hold your body above the bars with your arms locked, and then you will lean forward, about 30 degrees until you start feeling the stretch. Whilst you are doing this, breathe in. Take your body back to the starting position, whilst breathing out. Continue per the reps you have determined.

Push ups
People have forgotten just how effective a push up can be. Now, with adding of a little plank to your push up, not only you’re adding strength training to your arms, shoulders and back, but also you’re training your core and improving your balance. Push ups, however, should be done only with proper wrist protection, as a lot of pressure is added to this tiny area.

Medicine ball
Bet you hated this one when you were at school. There is nothing worse than having a medicine ball catch you on a straight finger. Shock goes through your entire body for hours. The medicine ball has its place though, as throwing it back and forth definitely helps with conditioning of the arms, chest and abs. Simply lying on your back and throwing it up in the air, and then catching it again is enough to build lean muscle and burn the fat. This also improves coordination and reaction speed.

Resistance training
This is where things start getting interesting, as we are now starting to do bench press replacement with elastic bands. Don’t let this fool you though, these bands are seemingly more effective than most of the training we do on a daily basis combined. Resistance training works a lot on the negative, which means that reps are not wasted, or half reps. Resistance training also assists with that whole day burn, which is great for those who wish to build lean muscles, and reduce the body fat percentage. Resistance training is also something that can be done at home, which means you never have to miss a workout again.



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