I’m Gary, a professional fitness guru and writer currently living in New York. I was originally born in London but moved years ago. This is my personal blog where I share some knowledge and insight on how to gain muscle, how to shed fat and how to help men get in shape. I’ve sold over 100 copies of an online eBook called “Gains” that have helped a lot of people transform their body.

My goal is to help as many people as I can but I understand the goal of my readers. They want to better their bodies and their lives. This is why I try to share as much insight and knowledge as I can to help them reach those goals. I was once the Director of Fitness for Resilience Code in Englewood, CO. (xxx?) is my non-profit blog but if you want my eBook, it’s for sale at a fair price.

I’m currently instructing four people at the gym here to become stronger and make the gains they deserve. If you’re looking for some enlightenment, motivation or advice, feel free to follow my blog for free. I become motivated when I help others become motivated. Another recommended follow is Robert Frank, he has some amazing motivational speeches.